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Download our free Trolleywise App today and help to report abandoned trolleys in your area!

The Trolleywise app is now available for your iPhone or Android devices, so why wait?

Whether you see a trolley or a basket, in a ditch or by the side of the road, please use our app to report it. Please be careful out there – photographs of abandoned shopping trolleys should only be taken if it is safe and legal to do so.

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Welcome to the Trolleywise App where you can report abandoned trolleys that you see around you. This app is one of the ways you can help improve your area and create cleaner and safer communities.

Trolleywise is part of the Wanzl group and we work hard to make your environment better.

Take a Photo

Simply tap on the “Report Trolley” button and take a picture of the trolley you have seen.

Your picture is invaluable to our drivers, allowing them to evaluate the recovery and storage of the trolley you have reported

Location Finder

Once you have a good picture of the trolley you have found, we try and find your (approximate) location using your phones location settings. You can always refresh your location if we don’t find you first time.

Don’t worry, we won’t share this information with anyone but our drivers and staff will use it to locate and recover the trolley you have reported.

Location Confirmation

After submitting your trolley report, our drivers are informed and a recovery is scheduled to pick up the trolley within 24 hours.

For every successful trolley recovery we will give a donation to Trees for Cities, an independent charity which helps to improve UK communities through tree planting, community-led design,education and training initiatives.

Your Stats

Once you start spotting abandoned trolleys it’s hard not to see more of them!

Please report every abandoned trolley you see and you could be the top spotter in your County, or even in the whole UK!